World Book Day turns into World Book Week!

World book Day was a mega success with the buzz word around the school being “reading”. We have kicked off every morning with a poem on our way to assemblies and teachers also read extracts of their favourite books throughout the week. If you now look around the school, you will be able to see what children and adults are reading with signs on every door that will be updated regularly. World Book Day itself was extra special with year 6 pupils reading their own favourite extracts in a special assembly and helping recommend books to those who don’t know what to read next.

All afternoon, groups read in their classes with authors giving tips on turning reading into writing. Year 6 had to visit a crime scene and decide which kind of person would have committed a murder based on the clues they left behind and year 4 visited younger year groups to support reading.

We also had some great news with parents really supporting the school by voting in a competition for Westbury Leigh to receive a hamper of books from Morrison’s. We won and now have some brand new titles to add to our library. Next year has a lot to live up to!

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