Wombles of Westbury Leigh

Westbury Leigh Primary have had a new member join their school. We would like to introduce you to Orinoco. He is a special creature called a Womble and over this last term has been well looked after by the pupils. He has asked for their help with his favourite activity – Collecting litter!

As part our schools Eco work the school have asked each class to help him and they have keenly taken on responsibility to keep the school grounds clear of litter and rubbish. As part of our weekly Celebration assembly Orinoco moves from class to class armed with his litter pickers and trugs. The children have made such a difference to our school grounds making them clear of rubbish and helping to protect the farm and wildlife we have at Westbury Leigh. As we are now in the season that tends to be a little windy please make sure we can all help Orinoco by making sure the rubbish goes completely in the bins placed around the school playgrounds. “They have made the playground look so clean” commented a year one child. Well done to all the classes who have already done their wombling duties – keep up the great work.

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