Superb Silver for Westbury Leigh Primary School

Westbury Leigh has something amazing to celebrate. The school has been awarded a SILVER ECO AWARD for the work pupils and staff have done in raising environmental awareness, improving the school environment and creating financial savings for the school. A strong group of Eco members have been sharing Eco issues with the whole school and have helped the whole school change for the better.

Every class throughout the school has helped Orinoco, our school Womble, to keep the school grounds and local area clear of unwanted litter. Lots of positive comments were added to the school Eco board sharing what we are doing and how it is making such an impact – “We cleared the rubbish and it looks so nice now”, ” I love being a Womble and tidying up with the big grabbers”, ” We make our school a much better place”. Recycling bins in every class are being used much more effectively to further reduce our waste and not add to the landfill sites.

Our school has also been making a huge effort to save energy. This is with simple actions such as shutting doors to keep warm air in and turning off all unused lights and equipment. We are shortly going to share some information about an exciting project in this area with the very kind help of a local business man.

Our Eco club meets weekly and among its duties it monitors how we are all getting on and feeds back to the whole school. They have worked on an action plan and have had help reviewing this with lovely Mrs Thurman, our school Business manager.

The effort goes throughout the school. We have some passionate children in KS2 who are helping our school think about the wider issues of global warming and how we all have a part in making a difference to our world. We are looking forward to all meeting up soon and carrying on with our Eco school challenge.

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