Longleat Class’s Year So Far… This year in Longleat has been challenging. We have been learning about how materials react with each other and we have also had a day in the life of a Viking person. We even have some people who have gone out to do extra work, like maths or friendship groups. In science we have found out how vinegar and eggs react with each other. For this we needed to contain an egg in a glass cup and fill it up with vinegar. After a few weeks the egg started to rot and smell. Longleat have experienced a day in the life of a Viking. They dressed up in all black clothes and brought (fake, homemade) swords and shields. Longleat class waited patiently to find they had a Viking visitor. They played a game called ‘did the Vikings eat – true or false’. They sat and listened to the Viking man and some of them volunteered to join him and help. Everyone was also allowed to hold and hand around remade Viking artefacts. We have enjoyed learning how to sew! We have stitched together the story of Beowulf, using backstitch and chain stitch. The results look great. Some children were selected to go out and do extra maths with the governor Mr.Avenall. The children in this group have enjoyed learning with him. Four children were also selected to join a friendship group with Mrs. Mence. In this group they learned how to make sure that nobody is alone. They also learned to have a good circle of friends. These children have enjoyed doing this. Longleat have enjoyed this year so far and everyone hopes that it will stay the same for the rest of it.

Antarctica Antics!

In Year 2, we are all getting ready for the celebrations at the end of, what has been, a very busy term. The children in Stourhead and Wardour have learned so much about Antarctica, that they feel confident in putting all their learning into practice  when we have a joint explorer’s day on Wednesday 19th December.  The children have also been working hard on their Nativity and look forward to seeing everyone there to celebrate their efforts.

Discover the Dinosaurs of Westbury Leigh- amazing supported learning

An amazing array of dinosaurs (big and small, spotty and sparkly, fierce or friendly!) have been coming into school to join the year 1 children of Silbury and Wylye. These fantastic models were part of a holiday project. Parents, Grandparents, friends and family have supported their children’s learning by helping them create a wonderful range of dinosaurs. The pupils keenly talked about what they made with their adult. These are only a few of the brilliant models.

A big thank you to everyone who gave their time supporting their child’s learning.

Bake off event raises huge amount for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Well done to all the year 6s who created an amazing bake-off event to help support Wiltshire Air Ambulance. With the help of Mr.Cooper and Mrs Griffin, they helped to raise an astonishing £144.13 from their patisserie prowess. Also thank you to parents and students of Westbury who helped support by buying every last crumb of confectionery on offer.
The Wiltshire service is a crucial service to the county and you can still donate at https://www.wiltshireairambulance.co.uk/donate/

Egg-cited about Dinosaurs

Silbury and Wylye children have had an exciting start to their new classes. An amazing dinosaur egg has been found and this led to lots of wonderful speculation from the children about where it came from and how it got there. Children were eager to give their ideas – “A Pterodactyl dropped it”, “A dinosaur has lost it and will be really sad”, “I think its from a T-rex because it is the same colour as a T-rex – all spotty!”