Westbury Leigh Primary wants to make a difference.

As part of World Environmental Day all children in our school joined together in a big project to think about our use of plastic. Eco club started the day with an assembly which shared facts about the growing problem of using single use plastics. These plastics include plastic water and fizzy drink bottles, plastic straws, plastic cups and plastic bags. We found out that plastic easily gets washed out into the sea and has a dramatic impact on wildlife. In 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic bottles in the sea than fish. This is something that made many of the pupils sad. “If we have no fish, the sea will lose all of its colours.” We want to make a change.

The World Environmental Committee has asked everyone to reduce, reuse, recycle or refuse our use of plastic. We found how we can help by buying reusable cups and bottles, paper straws and reusable bags.

To help remind us of the amazing fish in the sea we made our own.

We love fish not plastic.

Key Stage 2 parents are invited in to see the exhibition on Monday 2nd July at 3:10pm.

Sports Day is a Scorching Success!

Thank you to all staff , pupils and parents who made last Thursday’s sports day a memorable event. It was a superb occasion and the sun was certainly shining on us. In the morning, a competitive KS2 took to the field and in the end, Hampshire House took the spoils. In the afternoon, it was Wiltshire House’s turn and they were also the overall house winner of the day. A special mention has to go to Miss Richardson, who organised the special day so superbly and to the year 6 pupils who did a grand job supporting the younger ones in the afternoon.


Science Week at Bath Uni

The year 6s finished off their hard week (lots of SATs practise) with a trip to Bath University to explore STEM in all its glory. There was a huge exhibition in The Edge Arts Centre with stalls showcasing science in different ways. Showcasing things like VR experiences, creepy crawlies and hovercrafts made from leafblowers, children experienced some very interesting investigations from scientists and schools around the South West. One student was particuarly inspired by a PHD. student who was also a track runner and ballroom dancer!

Easter Experience 2018

As part of Christian teaching and learning within school, we have spent time exploring the significance of the Easter story.  The children and staff had the opportunity to explore four key parts of the story: Palm Sunday; The Last Supper; The Crucifixion and The Resurrection, by visiting four activity stations around the school. Each year group re-enacted the Palm Sunday story complete with real donkeys (called Louis and Bella) which was a memorable experience! School governors explored the Last Supper with the classes using drama and song. We were also very fortunate to have a local member of the clergy РRev. Melanie Otto Рlead learning about the crucifixion story through drama, writing and song. Finally, the children went to visit the tomb and discussed the fact that it was empty as Jesus was alive! It was a really successful day; the children were engaged and demonstrated a deeper understanding through their questions and responses to some very memorable activities.

Longleat animals visit F2!

On Thursday we had some very exciting visitors in F2! Longleat came to visit us and they brought lots of different animals for us to learn about, including an armadillo, a tarantula, a lizard, a scorpion, a cockroach and a snake.

As part of our topic this term we have been learning that a nocturnal animal sleeps in the day and is awake at night.


The children were so brave and loved being able to see and hold lots of different animals and have since produced some fantastic writing about the experience.

Thank you Longleat!

F2 Pyjama Day!

Yesterday the children in Swindon and Savernake were able to come to school in their pyjamas for the entry point of our topic this half term, Day and Night. This was a fantastic way to capture the children’s interests and engage them in their learning.

As well as wearing our pyjamas, the children (and staff!) also brought in their favourite story and teddy. We shared our favourite stories and teddies and discussed why they are our favourites.

We had lots of fun and enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas!