World Book Day turns into World Book Week!

World book Day was a mega success with the buzz word around the school being “reading”. We have kicked off every morning with a poem on our way to assemblies and teachers also read extracts of their favourite books throughout the week. If you now look around the school, you will be able to see what children and adults are reading with signs on every door that will be updated regularly. World Book Day itself was extra special with year 6 pupils reading their own favourite extracts in a special assembly and helping recommend books to those who don’t know what to read next.

All afternoon, groups read in their classes with authors giving tips on turning reading into writing. Year 6 had to visit a crime scene and decide which kind of person would have committed a murder based on the clues they left behind and year 4 visited younger year groups to support reading.

We also had some great news with parents really supporting the school by voting in a competition for Westbury Leigh to receive a hamper of books from Morrison’s. We won and now have some brand new titles to add to our library. Next year has a lot to live up to!

Successful build-up to World Book Day with Maz Evans visit and Scholastic book stall

On the build up to World Book Day, Westbury Leigh have been celebrating reading across the school. On Tuesday, Maz Evans came in and talked to all year groups about the importance of reading as well as talking about her life as writer. This was followed up with three workshops where years 4,5 and 6 pupils heard Maz reading some of her book extracts and showing pupils how she writes.

Year 6 children especially were mesmerised by Maz as they are currently reading the book as part of their Greek topic. One pupil told me how she enjoyed the characters being brought to life by the way the book (Who Let The Gods Out?) was read. The invaluable advice the author gave led to some fantastic writing opportunities. Wiltshire Times also visited to document the event.

Maz and some of our year 6s

From Wednesday to Friday, the year 6s put on a Scholastic book fair to remember, where caravans of high quality texts (some exclusive to us) were shipped in and sold to pupils and parents of Westbury Leigh. The amount sold was amazing with over £600 taken by enthusiastic book lovers. This really was a pupil led event and goes to show how passionate Westbury Leigh readers are. I walked into one classroom where a pupil had three books piled on his table, ready to read. A big shout out to the year 6 students and parents that volunteered. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Some of the book-pushers

Week 2 of our reading focus starts next week with a sponsored read, daily poetry, teachers sharing their favourite books and pyjama day on Thursday to celebrate the importance of reading.

Budding weather forecasters of Westbury Leigh.

Year 1 children in Silbury and Wylye classes have been practising their amazing weather forecasting skills. Each pupil had a turn giving a weather report to others. Both Miss Nash and Mrs Warren were really impressed with their vocabulary and how they used appropriate language to give us weather reports for the coming days. This has come at the end of their topic work on weather, linking literacy and geography skills together.

It seems there’s scorching sun, heavy snow and drizzling rain all happening soon!

Perfect Pyramids

An ancient Egyptian Pyramid landed in the grounds at Westbury Leigh Primary School. Year 3 became explorers, hunting for facts about the ancient pyramid.

We used this as the start of our non fiction work based on encyclopedia articles. We used the Talk for Writing process and wrote articles on the pyramids and on ancient Egyptian artifacts including scarab beetles, neck jewellery and canpoic jars!

Safer Internet Day 2019

On Tuesday afternoon, classes across the school focused on an important part of internet safety: consent. The school explored what the word means and how it links to our lives, especially online. We share a lot of ourselves and with that we sometimes include the people we know. Not everyone has the same view when posting online and so we discussed the importance of gaining permission when other people are involved and explored the choices we make online.

Term 3 EYFS

This is an exciting term in EYFS. We are venturing under the sea to discover all the wonders below and will begin the term by finding a message hidden in a bottle. We will be using the texts Tiddler and The Rainbow Fish to inspire the children. We will be heading out to see in a dingy in the role play area and will even be able to pretend that we are mermaids. Later in the term we will become pirates and will be on the lookout for treasure. We will be broadening our understanding of the world by investigating freezing and melting and exploring materials. We will continue using fun ways to developing our understanding of numbers and explore the concept of time and money. The term will end with a pirate tea party and more details of this will follow.